Friday, May 09, 2008

Last Chance !!!

Yes, I am repeating myself: In only a few hours, I will get my sorry buns up in the middle of the night (2:30 ayam, to be exact) and go walk around Veterans' Memorial Park for two hours as part of the American Cancer Society Relay. If you can spare even a dollar or two, please sponsor me on my ACS Relay Page. Every dollar helps to fund research to conquer the cancer demon that wants to be in all of us. Thanks!

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Shira said...

Aww, NUTS! Efety Ef EFF EFFF!

I forgot, Von! Sorry to be such a turkey on such an important event.

When I was about ten, some friends and I hosted a local "fair" for cancer, complete with games and prizes, earning about 85$ for cancer research. (big money in those days) We even got a little write up in the Reading Eagle. It's my pet charity since both my parents died from cancer.

Tell us how you did and how much you raised! And hit me up again anytime.
your turkey,

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