Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Turkey Day

I know I promised a report and pictures from TusCon 37, but that's going to have to wait in favor of trying to catch up on some other stuff (like writing, proposals, bill (ugh) paying, etc.). We are going to take a bit of time off today and go see SKYLINE, so that should be fun. We always see previews for fantastic-looking movies and say, "We've GOT to get to the theater and see that one on the big screen [because of the special effects]!" but we never seem to find the time. This time WE MEAN IT, darn it!

Our Turkey Day was very nice, spent with family up in Tucson. Unfortunately my Dad has a nasty cold and bowed out, but we dropped off a vat, er, plate of leftovers at his house on our way home last night. As always, while I might fuss and grumble about various things, I also have a lot of excellent stuff to be thankful for, not the least of which is The Husband, The Dad, The Dogs, The Family. Bottom line is that the things that really count have a heartbeat.

Today there's also a little something to be thankful for in the virtual world. Bop on over to and check out the two nice reviews that popped into my email box this morning via Google Alerts. Sweet!

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