Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 15, 204 To Go

For those who don't know, my husband and fellow author Weston Ochse, is in predeployment training.  He left on March 17 and headed for the east coast, and somewhere toward the end of April, he'll leave there and spend six months on an all-expense paid trip, courtesy of Uncle Sam, to Afghanistan.  Although he's been gone for work before (what those of us in the military call "TDY" -- Temporary Duty), before his leaving this time around we have never been separated for more than two straight weeks.  Because he is a government civilian, Uncle Sam cannot legally deploy him for more than 179 days.  But when you add in the predeployment training and the return "check-in" time, today marks Day 15 of a total of 219 days that he will be gone.  I will fly to Washington in April and spend about a week with him, but I still count those in the total because, hey, he's not here.  He's not home.

So, follow me along on my adventures with him.  And please keep your fingers crossed that there will be very few days like yesterday.  Thank you, Universe, but that was quite enough for at least a few days!

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