Wednesday, January 16, 2019


March 7, 2017... No way. Really? So here I am, hanging my head in total shame because I have not blobbed... er... blogged about anything for almost--


Two years.

I mean, wtf, right? It's not like stuff hasn't been happening. And no, I'm not going to rave about Donald Trump, et al. Occasionally I hang around Twitter, which has an almost magical ability to turn me into a ranting mass of migraine headache. I'm not dragging that mess over here.

So I've been doing art. Like painting canvases, gourds, and other such stuff. I've been gifted with some ribbons and whatnot, and even a little money now and then. Like Twitter, painting does things to me. It changes me. I become this weird, ridiculously happy person. I lose time, but again, in a weird, ridiculously okay way. I work all day, the time passes, I stop and go out to dinner with my husband, Weston, and twenty minutes or so into the meal he leans forward and says, "Hey, you have paint on your cheek." My reply is a big, fat smile.

Not much writing right now (I did that write/right thing on purpose), but I won't say that I won't write in the future. I would like to do both, but I clearly suck at time management. I can't find a clone and I can't afford an assistant. Damn it all, I still have to clean my own brushes.

Just for giggles, here's a look at some of my stuff so far. Not much, because I don't have a lot. (Because sucky time management.)

Here's to you, and to me, and to a brand new year. Let's hope it gets better.



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