Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Von's Last Thoughts for Those Who Have Not Voted Yet Today

First and foremost, the following is my opinion. I have the right to express it, and I will. This is the United States of America and a lot of brave soldiers have died over many, many centuries so that I, and others, can have this right. I work for the government, I work on an Army Post, and I see soldiers every day who are still willing to do just that. Voting is not a duty. It is not even a right -- at least to my mind. It is a PRIVILEGE. Use it to have a say in your future, and in the future of those who can't vote for themselves -- your children, the elderly, and others.

Those of you who read my journal know my opinion of John McCain. If not, please take a moment to read it
here. I believe to my soul that a man who can justify to himself and to the public that it is fair and right to impose inequality on one group of people for ANY reason, be it gender, race, religion, relationship preference, age or whatEVER, will never think twice about doing the same thing to all other groups of peoples he considers to be, for reasons he will keep only to himself, lesser than him. To put it bluntly, and repeat myself in simpler terms, if John McCain believes women are not equal to men, then subconsciously he is just as biased about about other groups. He will never admit this publicly because it would be political suicide. Inequality is inequality, in ANY form.

If you have not yet voted, I beg you to get out there and exercise your privilege. I hope you will do it wisely. I hope you will vote for fairness and equality and change, and help move this country into a new, positive and prosperous era.

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