Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hey, Say, 18 Today

Okay, not precisely today, but on Thursday, which was when my pretty little stepdaughter, Alex, turned 18. The Husband posted a picture on his LJ of her on her way to her Senior Prom last Saturday. This is when life shifts into second gear and the time really starts flying fast. I think the saying "It's all downhill from here" has more to do with the speed at which time passes rather than what happens being good or bad.

Let's see. Life goes on, work goes on, HIGHBORN is still not finished. The Husband has been traveling a lot, but there's been a lot of prep work happening for the prom and the Turning Of Age 18 rather than writing. In fact, we currently have a dozen or more giggling teenagers downstairs having the actual party celebration thereof. The Husband and I are confined to the upstairs, with the dogs. Such is what our life has come to... Gone to the Dawgs. ::grin::

The Tucson Festival of Books was lots of fun, notwithstanding the utterly useless campus map on the U of A website. I ask you: What possible good is a pdf map that is 60 INCHES WIDE? It's not like you can print it out and take it with you to find your way around the place. Sheesh.

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