Sunday, November 08, 2009

What's Up, World?

Nope, haven't forgotten about Blogger-land. Just busy busy busy, and something has to give. That something has to be computer time, because I'm finally realizing that if you let it, the Internet will take over your freaking LIFE and you won't get anything else accomplished. It's like electronic crack, and guess what? I ain't buying. :)

So, a post once in awhile. Right now I'm unsupervised as The Husband is TDY -- Temporary Duty (elsewhere). Yee ha! To keep me busy I have a geology test on Monday and painting classes going on, in addition to the writing. Plus my company was bought out by a HUGE corporation, and we're just now starting to see the effects of it. This is going to involve some pain in my position, because I fairly certain I'm going to get stuck with making sure everyone else does what they're supposed to do. Nope, not happy about that, not at all.

But life goes on. In the meantime...

I'm waiting for news. Keep your fingers crossed. :)



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