Saturday, November 06, 2010

Post-Signing: Hastings Bookstore

I did a table signing with Mysterious Galaxy at RinCon in mid-October, before HIGHBORN was released. Maryelizabaeth, the owner, had put a lot of effort into getting copies for the convention. Literally that was the first HIGHBORN book signing.

Today was the second, but the first in a brick & mortar bookstore. This one took place at Hastings in Sierra Vista, Arizona (my hometown), and things went pretty darned well. The Husband (Weston Ochse) signed with me-- he's the extrovert so I drag him to as many events as I can. He's kind of like bait. ::hee:: He was supposed to sign copies of his latest mass market novel, EMPIRE OF SALT, which is sold out in the U.S. It was sold out at Hastings, too, because they put the three copies they had on the table before he got there... and all three were sold well in advance of our arrival. They sold their other six copies earlier in the week.
From Highborn

We stayed a bit longer than or allotted time, just because things were going well. Seven customers left with ten copies of HIGHBORN and plenty of bookmarks and cards with the web page on it. Met some awesome people: Jenn, who runs The Reader's Life blog, Stevan, a Border Patrol Agent, and several others. Several people from work came by-- Dave, Pam, and Laura (who's mentioned in the acknowledgments because she helped with the Spanish in the book). You are all awesome, you rock, and I so much appreciate your support!

From Highborn

Took a few more pictures, just to prove we were there. Check them all out on Picasaweb.

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