Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Where?  Right HERE, at Hellnotes.

Most startling quote: 

"Author Yvonne Navarro leaps onto a popular theme, and rides it like a seasoned jockey on a thoroughbred."

Let just say I'm surprised, because frankly, horses have always intimidated me.  Fourteen hundred pounds of muscle and flesh that never fails to simply want to get me OFF its back.  I've had them try to rear, rub me off on trees, and just flat take off.  I've never mastered the theory of "move-with-the-horse-rhythm," apparently preferring (without having been told this) to jar my brains out and bruise my butt by coming down when the horse's back goes up.

But hey, if someone wants to compare my writing to winning the Kentucky Derby (okay, so that might be a stretch...), that's great!

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