Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Day SKYNET Failed

Okay, I'm not one to point fingers, nor am I apt to be a hypocrite.  As such, if you hear me say "Get off the Internet and you'll get more accomplished," you can bet I'm talking about no one else but Me. Number One. Numero Uno. MyOwnSelf.  Alas, as hard as I try, I am a Facebookaholic.  I post something, then I can't help but run back and see if/how other folks liked it, particularly if it has to do with my 3-G Network (Ghoulie, I Am Grooty, and The Grimmy Beast).

Then SKYNET failed.

Sometime yesterday afternoon our router self-destructed.  SKYNET might think it has control, but when the hardware bombs... HA!  The Husband (Weston Ochse) futzed with it and futzed with it, and finally today declared the router deceased.  So off to Best Buy we went, where we also finally admitted that our five-year-old modem was pretty decrepit.  We then came home and he set about reconnecting us to SKYNET, er, the Internet.

But I just want to point out what happened when my hands found themselves not attached to a keyboard this morning and afternoon.

 For three years I have grown various and sundry herbs in the screenhouse I built while The Husband was deployed to Afghanistan.  Year after year, fall came and went... and with it, those herbs.  They dried up and crumbled away, save for the few times we went out and used bits and pieces for whatever we-- okay, not usually me, I seldom cook-- were making.  Most of the time it was basil to throw in pasta or on a pizza.  Occasionally we'd use some of the lemon thyme.

But without the keyboard hoarding my fingers... voila!

Now drying in Ye Olde Laundry Room:

Italian Oregano
Garden Sage
Pineapple Sage

And what to do with all the lavender that was too small to hang?  Make something I'd been meaning to ever since I planted it:

Lavender Butter!

And hey... let's make it really interesting.  After all, it is Halloween Season, right?

 Thus I give you Skull & Crossbones Lavender Butter Pats (presently shaping up in the freezer).

Happy Halloween!

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Matt & Dany said...

Yvonne, I don´t know why, but today I was thinking of you and I hope all is well and no dark angels. Big hugs from the guys in Valencia.

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